Sunday – Transform Anger


New Series: Transform Anger
February 5 – 26
10am – 11:30am

with Resident Teacher, Kadam Amy Peng

Anger is the source of so much of our suffering.  On this course, we will gain a deeper understanding of Buddha’s teachings on recognizing, reducing our anger and eventually eradicate it from our minds altogether.

Feb 5   Anger in Relationships
Feb 12 Why Do We Get Angry
Feb 19 Controlling Anger vs Repressing Anger
Feb 26 Patience and Acceptance

About the Teacher

Kadam Amy Peng is a student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche and has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for over 15 years. With warmth and sincerity, Kadam Amy shows the joy of integrating Buddha’s teachings into daily life and is an inspiring example of modern Kadampa Buddhist practitioner.

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