Saturday, January 5 ~ Monday, January 28 ~ 2019 Lamrim Retreat

2019 Lamrim Retreat
(based on Modern Buddhism)


Path to Happiness – January 5, 6

Path to Liberation and Love – January 12, 13

Path of Compassion – January 19, 20, 21

Emptiness Retreat – January 26, 27, 28


—————-   RETREAT FEE  —–————-

$30 for January 5, 6
$30 for January 12, 13
$45 for January 19, 20, 21
$45 for January 26, 27, 28
($15 per day, $5 per session, included for DKBC members)

—————-   RETREAT SCHEDULE ——————

Saturday Jan 5    

8am      Introductory Talk
10am    Precious Human Life
1pm      Death and Impermanence
3pm     Wishfulfilling Jewel

Sunday Jan 6  

8am    Lower Rebirth
10am   GP – Refuge
1pm    Karma
3pm    WFJ


Vajrayogini Day 1/10

Saturday Jan 12

8am     What We Should Know
10am    What We Should Abandon
1pm    What We Should Practice
3pm    Heart Jewel  – What We Should Attain

Sunday Jan 13

8am     Training in Affectionate Love
10am    GP – Kindness of Living Beings
1pm     Equalizing Self and Others
3pm    Wishfulfilling Jewel

Saturday, Jan 19

8am      Contemplating Disadvantages of Self-Cherishing
10am    Contemplating the Advantages of Cherishing Others
1pm     Exchanging Self with Others
3pm     Wishfulfilling Jewel

Sunday, Jan 20

8am     Training in Wishing Love
10am   Training in Universal Compassion
1pm    Training in Actual Bodhichitta
3pm    Wishfulfilling Jewel

Monday, Jan 21

8am    Training in the Six Perfections
10am   Taking in Conjunction with Six Perfections
12pm   Giving in Conjunction with Six Perfections
3pm    Wishfulfilling Jewel with tsog


Heruka Day 1/25

Saturday, Jan 26

8am      What is Emptiness
10am     Emptiness of Our Body
1pm      Emptiness of Our Mind
3pm      Powa

Sunday, Jan 27

8am    Emptiness of Our I
10am    GP – A Simple Training in Ultimate Bodhichitta – Emptiness of Our Body
1pm    A Simple Training in Ultimate Bodhichitta – Emptiness of Our Self
3pm    WIshfulfilling Jewel

Monday,  Jan 28

8am        A Simple Training in Ultimate Bodhichitta – Emptiness of All Phenomenon
10am      Relying Upon a Spiritual Guide
1:30pm    Long Protector Puja










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