Refuge Retreat: Finding Inner Protection

Refuge Retreat: Finding Inner Protection
Saturday – Tuesday, April 20 – 23

Stop Being Your Own Enemy, Start Being Your Own Protector!

This retreat starts with an introductory talk on Saturday, April 20th 8am-10:30am with Resident Teacher Amy Peng.

Our mind has tremendous power to either help or harm us. Through practicing refuge, we gradually learn how to become our own protector, instead of our own worst enemy, building stable habits of peace, joy and freedom within our own heart which we can then share with others.

We can achieve complete and permanent protection from all suffering by sincerely relying upon the Three Jewels: Buddha – the source of all refuge; Dharma – the realizations of Buddha’s teachings; and Sangha – pure Dharma practitioners who help us with our spiritual practice. Dharma is like medicine that prevents the sufferings of samsara, Buddha is the doctor who gives us this medicine, and the Sangha are the nurses who assist us.


Saturday April 20
8am – 10:30am    Introductory Talk (teaching)
10am – 11:30am  Session 1 (guided session)
1pm – 2:30pm      Session 2
3pm – 4:30pm      Wishfulfilling Jewel Session 3

Sunday, April 21
8am – 9:30am      Session 1
10am – 11:30am  General Program class (meditation & teaching)
1pm – 2:30pm      Session 2 (guided session)
3pm – 4:30pm      Wishfulfilling Jewel Session 3

Monday, April 22
8am – 9:30am      Session 1 (guided session)
10am -11:30am   Session 2
1pm – 2:30pm      Session 3
3pm – 4:30pm      Wishfulfilling Jewel Session 4

Tuesday, April 23
7:30am – 8:30am Heart Jewel Session 1
9am – 10am         Session 2 (guided session)
1pm – 2:30pm      Session 3
3pm – 4:30pm      Session 4

Retreat Fee:
$50 for entire retreat
$10 for each guided session.
No charge for self-guided sessions and for DKBC members
* All sessions are self-guided unless indicated.*

Dharmachakra Kadampa Buddhist Center
923 Crossley Road, Palm Springs

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