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Making a Donation to the Dharmachakra Buddhist Center

The Dharmachakra Buddhist Center exists through the kindness of donors. The Center is entirely supported by donations, including contributions and class fees. Your donation—however large or small—is essential to the continued existence of the DBC. Just click the button on this page to make a contribution. (If you would prefer to mail your donation, see the “Contact Us” page for the address.)

Giving is a practice that is central to Buddhism. It is the first of the “Six Perfections” articulated by Buddha—and giving material assistance is the first of the four types of giving he described. (The others are giving Dharma—the teachings of Buddha—giving love and giving fearlessness.)

A gift to a Dharma Center is an especially powerful act of giving. By their nature, Dharma Centers are dedicated to the benefit of all living beings. The Dharmachakra Buddhist Center, a nonprofit organization, has a simple mission: to spread Dharma in the Coachella Valley. By doing this, we can bring greater happiness and peace of mind to the many people who live in the region.

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso defines giving as “A virtuous mental decision to give, or a bodily or verbal action of giving that is motivated by a virtuous state of mind.” In Buddhist thought, giving with a virtuous mind helps to purify and transform the mind of the giver. And because world peace arises directly from inner peace, it is not an exaggeration to say that your donation contributes to bringing about a more peaceful world. 

Thank you for your donation!

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Become a member of your center, then
Support your center with a regular monthly contribution, and receive these benefits in addition to the merit and Dharma understanding we all strive for.

$75 month
Benefits: Attendance at all General Program and General Program Meditation classes.

$100 month
Attendance at all General Program and General Program Meditation classes, attendance at FP or TTP classes, and attendance at these retreats:
Lamrim Retreat
Refuge Retreat
Guru Yoga Mandala Offering Retreat
Vajrasattva Purification Retreat

All Members also receive a discount of $10 on attendance at workshops and other classes

Please contact our Administrative Director at if you would like to become a DKBC supporter.







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