Compassion and Fasting Retreat


Join the community at KMC Los Angeles.  This special fasting and purification retreat is performed in conjunction with Thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion. It is very powerful for purifying negative karma, pacifying strong delusions, receiving blessings, and increasing our love, compassion and bodhichitta. In this retreat, we make prayers for all suffering to completely cease.

Intro Talk – Sunday, April 11 with Amy Peng | 1pm-2:30pm   Donations welcome
(email for Zoom link)

Retreat – Wednesday, April 14   KMC Los Angeles Livestream Link (all sessions):
6:45-7:30am Precepts
7:45-9:15am Session 1
10:30am-12pm Session 2
1:30-2:30pm Heart Jewel Puja
3:00-4:30pm Session 3

Thursday, April 15   KMC Los Angeles Livestream Link (all sessions):
6:45am – 7:30am Precepts
7:45-9:15am Session 1
10:30am – 12pm Session 2
1:30-3pm Session 3
3:45-5:15pm OSG

PLEASE NOTE: It is necessary to take precepts in the morning to participate in any of the retreat sessions each day.

Sadhanas that will be used for this retreat:
For Precepts — A Pure Life Sadhana – This is currently not available for download but if you wish to get your own copy for your own precepts practice, go to:

For Retreat Sessions — Drop of Essential Nectar Sadhana

For those interested in joining the pujas (chanted prayers)

For Heart Jewel Puja

For Offering to the Spiritual Guide Puja

Additional Resources:

Nyungne At-Home Preparation Kit — Click here to view and download

Nyungne Retreat Session Guide — Click here to view and download

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