FAQ: What to Expect at a Class

Do I have to start classes at the beginning of a series?

No. Each class can be taken on its own. You can drop in anytime you wish. The teacher will review meditation techniques and relevant concepts during each class, especially if there are newcomers.

I’ve never been to one of your classes. What can I expect?

Most classes consists of two guided meditation periods, a brief talk on the class’s topic, and a question and discussion period.

Our introductory classes are either 1 hour or 1.5 hours long. Most classes begin with a guided meditation, which is suitable for students at any level of experience.  In the middle period of the class, the teacher generally gives a brief talk on the class’s topic, like reducing anger or increasing happiness. After the talk, there is time for discussion and questions.

Classes usually end with a meditation, which is intended to encourage students to apply the teachings in their everyday lives.

I’m not a Buddhist but I want to study meditation.  Is it okay to come to class?

Certainly.  All of the teachings at our classes are based on Buddha’s teachings – the meditation techniques, the stress-relieving tools, etc.  However, the emphasis in our classes is on taking these techniques and integrating them into your life in a way that is appropriate to you and that will be helpful for your development.

People who are interested in more depth in Buddhist thought and practices can ask the teacher  about books and classes that might be helpful.

What should I wear to class?  Should I bring anything with me?

You can wear any type of clothing: business clothes, casual clothes, gym clothes, or whatever you’d would like. While meditating, we emphasize keeping our back in alignment, which is easiest for most of us to do while seated in a chair.

You don’t need to bring anything with you to class.  If it is your first class, try arriving 10 minutes early so you can have plenty of time to park and settle in before class.

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