Classes & Services

Dharmachakra Buddhist Center offers an inviting array of classes in Palm Springs and Cathedral City.  All of our classes include instruction in meditation and Modern Buddhism–centered on how everyone can learn to find greater happiness and peace of mind in daily life.

Weekly Meditation Classes

We offer weekly classes intended for anyone with an interest in reducing their negative feelings and increasing their feelings of wellbeing and joy. These classes teach techniques for meditation and mindfulness, along with practical teachings on how to solve the problems of daily living. Everyone is always welcome at these classes. No special background or pre-registration is required.

Study Programs

We also offer more advanced programs of study for people who would like to devote more time to their spiritual growth. These programs include the Foundation Program and the Teacher Training Program. Entry into these programs requires the permission of the Resident Teacher.

Prayer Services

We have daily, weekly, and monthly prayer services. All of these services are open to the public at no charge. Our prayer services are conducted in English and prayer booklets are provided.

FAQ: What to Expect at a Class

We are a welcoming and inclusive Center. You don’t need to have any experience of Buddhism or meditation to attend and benefit from our Weekly Meditation Classes. We do understand that you may have questions and we hope you will find answers here at Frequently Asked Questions.

If you would like to feel happier and calmer in your everyday life, come to a class at the Dharmachakra Buddhist Center!

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