Sundays 9-9:30am ~ Transforming Life’s Difficulties ~ Oct 15 thru Nov 26

Sundays  9-9:30am ~ Transforming Life’s Difficulties ~ October 15 through November 26
with Kadampa Teacher Mike Racadio

Transforming difficult conditions is vital because we are constantly surrounded by difficulties. We cannot avoid difficult situations but if we can change our attitude to them they will no longer be problems. We can even use the difficulties to train our mind. In this series we will learn how to use the difficulties we face in life to develop great inner strength.

10/15 Where is my pain coming from?

10/22 Changing our actions

10/28 Developing a Stable Practice

11/5 Reducing Bias

11/12 Relying on Our Inner Strength

11/19 Inappropriate Expectations

11/26 Developing Good Motivations






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