Thursday Evening Series: What’s In Your Mind with teacher Allen Howe

Open to everyone! Thursdays 7 – 8:30 PM. $10 per class
12 Classes January 4 through March 24

Happiness and suffering are states of our own mind. To have a happier and more peaceful life we need to replace negative non-virtuous thoughts with virtuous ones. Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche tells us that “if a spoonful of sugar is stirred into a cup of tea, all the tea becomes sweet because sugar is by nature sweet. Similarly, when a virtuous mental factor is present in the mind, the entire primary mind and all its attendant mental factors become virtuous.”

This class, based on The Eleven Virtuous Mental Factors chapter in “How to Understand the Mind,” offers practical ways to “sweeten” our minds by identifying, understanding and applying the positive mental factors that lead to happiness.

Jan. 4 How Our Mind Works
Jan. 11 Relying on Faith
Jan. 18 Avoiding Actions that Harm Our Mind
Jan. 25 Consideration For Others
Feb. 1 A Mind of Non-Attachment
Feb. 8 Love and Non-Hatred
Feb. 15 The Wisdom of Emptiness
Feb. 22 Motivation and Effort
Mar. 1 Learning to Concentrate
Mar. 8 Delighting in Moral Discipline
Mar. 15 A Balanced Mind
Mar. 23 Doing No Harm

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