Sundays at 10 am ~ Prayers for World Peace

with Kadampa Teacher Mike Racadio
Sunday Mornings 10:00am – 11:00am

How to Understand the Mind

A new series based on Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s extraordinary book, How to Understand the Mind.  What is the mind? How does it work to cognize objects? Where do negative minds come from? How can we improve our concentration and other peaceful minds? What is an enlightened mind? We will answer these questions, and many more, all while learning to meditate in depth on the beautiful and blissful nature of our pure mind. Although taught as an ongoing series, each class will also function as a self-contained teaching and guided meditation. Feel free to come along to any class.

June 11-  The Nature and Function of the Mind

June 18-  Mental Pain- Contact, Craving and Discrimination

June 25- Removing the Source of Pain Part 1

July 2-    Removing the Source of Pain Part 2

July 9-   Methods of Change

Registration: Donations accepted, $5 suggested. No preregistration required – just drop in! Everyone is welcome.

Dharmachakra Buddhist Center
923 Crossley Road
Palm Springs, CA 92264