Tuesdays 6:30pm ~ Deepening Our Practice

mountains meditation
Deepening Our Practice
Tuesdays, 6:30pm ~ 7:30pm
with Kadampa Teacher Mike Racadio

To create the personal growth we long for, we have to develop and deepen our spiritual practice.  The meditation classes in this series “Deepening Our Practice” are very easy to understand and apply to our daily lives. The classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners. Everyone Welcome!

May 16th – Buddhist Chanted Prayers- Part 2

May 23th –  Prostrations

May 30th – Experiential Spirituality: Relying on a Dharmapala and Spiritual Guide

June 6th – Difficulties as Spiritual Medicine: Heart Jewel Practice

June 13th – Transforming Pain- Logong Practice

June 20th – Seeing Beyond the Ordinary- Mahamudra Practice

June 27th – The Power of Imagination: Tantra

Registration: No preregistration is necessary.  The fee is $5 per class for non-members; there is no charge for DBC supporters.
Location: Dharmachakra Buddhist Center, 923 Crossley Road, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Tues & Thurs, 12pm ~ Lunchtime Meditations ~ Join Us

Lunchtime Meditation with Kadampa Teacher Craig Bruce
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12:00 to 12:30 pm

‘When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides and our mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment naturally arises from within. This feeling of contentment and well-being helps us to cope with the busyness and difficulties of daily life.’

Join us for 30 minutes of brief meditation instruction followed by guided meditation. The purpose of this class is to help people gain personal experience of inner peace through the practice of meditation, to overcome their daily problems, and to find real happiness in their hearts so they can be of benefit to those around them.

: $5. Free for Monthly Members. This class is suitable for people with entry level experience.

No pre-registration is required, all are welcome.

Location: Dharmachakra Buddhist Center, 923 Crossley Road, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Fridays, 10am ~ Stress Free Living: Transforming Anger and Conflict ~ April 28 through June 16

Fridays, April 28 through June 16, 10am – 11am
with Kadampa Teacher Mike Ricadio

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and annoyed can become a normal part of our daily life experience. In this 8-week course, we will explore practical solutions to the problems of stress and anger, deconstructing the actual causes and learning how to use these experiences as opportunities for growth and development.

April 28 The Psychology of Stress and Anger
May 5 Anger in Relationships: The Psychology of Blaming
May 12 Why We Get Angry at Ourself and Others
May 19 The Art of Acceptance: Responding Constructively
May 26 Do I Have Unrealistic Expectations?
June 2 Transforming (Not Repressing) Painful Feelings
June 9 Everything Depends Upon Other Things
June 16  Anger Hurts, Compassion Heals

Registration: No registration needed, just drop in. Each class is $5. Free for Monthly Members.

Location: Dharmachakra Buddhist Center, 923 Crossley Road, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Thursdays 7:00 pm ~ Letting Go of Bad Habits: The Confidence to Change ~ April 27-June 8

with Kadampa Teacher Mike Racadio
Thursday evenings 7:00pm – 8:30pm  April 27 through June 8

Without a clear vision of what is possible, and methods to accomplish our true potential,​ it is difficult to make the most of our life and be of greatest benefit to others. Buddha’s teachings on the mind give us the confidence to change by showing us how our mind works, where it gets stuck and what to do about it, and meditation gives us the practical methods to bring this change about. ​Join us for this 7-week course where we will explore the practices and meditations within Buddhist psychology that can help us to become the person we wish to be.​

April 27: Believing We Can Change
May 4: Why Are Habits Hard to Break?
May 11: The Power of Intention
May 18: Overcoming Discouragement & Procrastination
May 25: Insecurity vs. Confidence
June 1: The Power of Joy
June 8: Imagination and Our Potential

Registration: This class is suitable for all levels of experience, including beginners. Although presented as a series, each class is self contained so you are welcome to attend the entire series or just drop in for a particular class. No preregistration is necessary.  $10 per class.
Members: Free to all Monthly Members.

Location: Dharmachakra Buddhist Center, 923 Crossley Road, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Sundays at 10 am ~ Prayers for World Peace

with Sheila O’Brien
Sunday Mornings 10:00am – 11:00am

Discovering Stillness Within: Meditating on the Clear Nature of the Mind      

April 30 Watching the Mind: The Art of Letting Go
May 7     The Nature and Power of the Mind
May 14   Special Talk- A Mother’s Love: A Buddhist Perspective
May 21   Living and Meditating in the Heart
May 28   Abiding in the Absence of Chatter: Our Subtle Mind
June 4    Journey to the Clear Light: The Path of Tantra

Buddha’s explanation of the mind is practical, wise and deeply transformative; it reveals an experiential path leading to the realization of our full spiritual potential. In particular, within Kadampa Buddhism, the presentation of Mahamudra emphasizes the meditation on the clear nature of the mind and its enormous creative power. Through this sublime, profound, and deeply relaxing meditation, we gain deep insight into the flexible and limitless nature of our own mind.

Registration: Donations accepted, $5 suggested. No preregistration required – just drop in! Everyone is welcome.

Dharmachakra Buddhist Center
923 Crossley Road
Palm Springs, CA 92264


Lunchtime Meditations

Mondays, 12pm – 1pm
with Kadampa Teacher Olga Duff

cathedral city library

Cathedral City Public Library

Cathedral City Public Library
33-520 Date Palm Drive
(in the Community Room)
Learn to meditate—or expand your meditation practice—with these free classes. Meditation has wonderful benefits for both body and mind, including greater feelings of calm, more positive energy, and increased peace of mind.

We believe that anyone can learn to meditate. The focus of these classes is learning how to meditate and taking time to practice. Everyone can benefit from the techniques they will learn in these one-hour classes. No previous experience is required (but experienced meditators are welcome too).