Monday Mini-Series: The Wisdom that Heals, Liberates and Enlightens

with Kadampa Teacher Mike Racadio
Mondays, 6 – 7pm,  May 28 ~ June 18

Of all Buddha’s teachings, none are more far-reaching and transformative than the teachings on emptiness, the true nature of reality. It is through our understanding of emptiness – in particular the freedom that we experience as a result – that we can then come to solve all our problems and be of maximum benefit to others.

Everyone welcome! No preregistration required.  Fee $10 per class, no charge to enrolled students.


Saturday Workshops ~ 10 am

Join us to explore Buddhist teachings and how to integrate them into modern life. Our workshops are suitable for everyone, regardless of whether you are new to meditation, or have been practicing for a while.  May 26th     Kind Heart Meditations 10am – 11am These simple guided meditations with help us…

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Sundays 10-11:15 am

The Practice of the Six Perfections Sundays, 10-11:15am with Kadampa Teacher Mike Racadio The practices of engaging in giving, moral discipline, patience, effort, mental stabilization and wisdom are very virtuous and a source of great merit. However, when these actions are motivated by the precious mind of bodhichitta they become…

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Meet the Buddhas ~ Thursdays ~ 7- 8:30pm

What do the Buddhas look like?  What are their mantras and what virtues do they represent? Get the answers to these and other questions about the Buddhas – deepen your practice and understanding as you grow toward the goal of Enlightenment! with Allen Howe Thursdays  7 – 8:30pm 3/29 Refuge…

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